Are You Wearing The Right Fabric For Bed?

Pajamas are probably the most comfortable way for you to get some luxuriously good sleep. However, did you know that the fabric your pajamas are made of actually affect how good your sleep can be? Like pajama style, your pajama fabric will depend on your personal preferences.

For instance, cotton pajamas are considered to be very comfortable but some prefer a silk pajama set because it’s both comfortable and stylish. Here is a list of the most preferred fabrics when it comes to your favorite sleepwear:


This is one all-natural fabric that is soft to the touch, breathable, and lightweight. Most clothes are made out of cotton because of this and the fact that it barely irritates the skin. The downside about cotton pajamas is that it does not do a good job of insulating if you wear them in a cold climate. has more information on silk clothing.

You will probably need thicker blankets to make up for it. If you are prone to night swears, cotton may not be the best choice for you because it is mostly inefficient in absorbing moisture.


This is the fabric for colder temperatures as it can provide comfort, warmth, and breathability. Flannel pajamas can easily keep you warm and toasty. The downside obviously is that it is a seasonal sleepwear – you cannot use them in the tropics or in hot summer days.


Aside from its luxuriously smooth feel, silk is a thermoregulator meaning it can keep you warm when it is too cold and it can keep you cool when it is too hot. No matter where you are, silk pajamas for women will definitely be a comfortable hit. The only downside to silk is that it does not come at a cheap price but this is expected given the process and quality of silk products.

Wool and fleece

For very cold nights, nothing can keep you warm like wool and fleece fabrics. However, you also take the risk of overheating while you sleep. Another downside is that wool can irritate the skin so if you have sensitive skin, you may be waking up at night due to the itchiness.

No matter what you choose, know that the most important thing when choosing pajamas is not the style but how it feels when you put it on.