One Clicker Professional
Manage up to 10 different Metatrader accounts for News Trading and Scalping
forex trading software-one click professionalPowerful performance for only 34.95 usd

News Traders, Scalpers and Hedgers know that you only have seconds to click into profits

Users wanted a forex tool that was fast and could take advantage of the News Trades or Scalping opportunities when they occurred. This was the beginning of the ONE CLICKER PROFESSIONAL. The tool is extremely fast and responsive for making fast entries and exits when the time is right.

It has many of the same features as the ONE CLICKER but many added benefits too such as speed. You can control simultaneously up to 10 different Metatrader accounts with one click of a single button.

Traders may have different accounts to watch the difference between bids and asks. You can preset a buy on one account and preset a sell on the other. When the spread is right, click into profits.

One Clicker V2
V2 is faster and uses less resources than before View Screen Shot
The most powerful tool for the Metatrader and it is FREE
forex trading software- one click professionalWhen the market’s moving fast and you have money on the line, you don’t have time to click around.

Users from around the world are using the ONE CLICKER for their daily trading. The reasons are because it enhances their trading and it takes away the presure and possible mistakes when entering orders.

The One Clicker can not speed up the Metatrader or your internet connection. But the One Clicker can speed you up and make you FASTER! It will save precious time that it takes to enter orders in a fast moving market. It takes away the tension by presetting your orders and lot sizes so when you are ready to make your move your order is only one click away.

Each open position will be clearly displayed in the One Clicker. From across the room you can glance at your positions and determine if you are at a lost or a profit.

But the best part is this powerful tool is completely free. There is no email address needed to download it. There is no signup of any kind. You will have a fully operational and fully functional tool to use as you please.
One Click Professional is a powerful forex trading software which will help your trading be faster. It has been termed as one of the best tools in the forex trading industry.
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