UFX.COM is Title Sponsor of Boxing Bout

world boxingUFX.com will be the major promoter of the title fight between Martin Murray and Domenico Spada in the Silver Belt Boxing Competition on October 25.

This will be hosted by Prince Albert of Monaco.

It has been dubbed as the Title Tornado event that will take place at the Salle des Etoiles restaurant and concert hall in Monte Carlo.

The primary web-based foreign exchange broker forged a sponsorship contract with Hennessy Sports and Golden Gloves for this heralded bout between the two fighters.

UFX.com managing director Dennis de Jong hailed this glamorous sporting event.

Salle des Etoiles is a prominent venue that gives professional fighters the chance to compete in international matches.

It can be watched in over 100 countries including Canada, the United States, Western Europe, Africa, and China.

UFX.com has called on the general public to patronize boxing competitions such as this one.

Murray hails from the United Kingdom. He stakes his World Boxing Championship (WBC) title in said fight against the 34-year old Italian middleweight boxer.

If Murray wins on Saturday, he will be the first world boxing champion from St Helens.

Murray lost once in his professional boxing career. He is ranked as an elite boxer with many fans back home.

The bout will be aired live by UK’s Channel Five.

This is considered another landmark in this sport. The last major international title match broadcasted live on UK global TV was the WBC title fight between Jean Pascal and Carl Froch in 2008.

There will be three principal TV networks covering the fight which means that some 3 million people from the UK can watch the match live. It includes ESPN which implies that in wil be available in 70 million households globally.

The logo of UFX.com will be displayed in the boxing arena and center ring. Boxers in the main bout will also be wearing UFX t-shirts.